Coral Gables I

Welcome to Coral Gables I - A Modern Green Oasis!

Discover a modern landscape at Coral Gables I, where simplicity, clean lines, and nature converge. Completed in December 2021, this project embodies modernity while celebrating the beauty of greenery.

Design: Parametrika

Our Parametrika design approach brings precision and elegance to geometry, creating a visually stunning outdoor s

Category: Modern Landscape

Coral Gables I falls into the modern landscape category, combining contemporary elements with a connection to nature for a sophisticated ambiance.

Landscape Design
About This Project

Experience the uniqueness of each plant, strategically placed evergreens, and pops of color expressing intentional design. Focal point trees add grandeur, and the walkway is meticulously crafted for privacy and a spa-like feel.

Coral Gables I invites you to embrace nature and modern design in a harmonious outdoor sanctuary.

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