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Trust us to deliver the perfect blend of beauty, sustainability and functionality for your ideal Landscape.
Landscape Architecture Design

Awaking creativity, motivation, authenticity, and passion to craft Inspiring outdoor spaces.

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Elevate your outdoor space with our expert landscape design services. From site survey and assessment to meticulous planning and plant selection, we create stunning environments for you to enjoy to the fullest.

Plans and Renderings

Visualizing, understanding, professionalism and beauty.

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We take care of creating a comprehensive set of plans and presentations for our clients, ensuring compliance with all regulations. We understand that visual representation is crucial, which is why we provide a complete set of installation-ready plans that are perfectly understandable for our clients. We make sure that what we deliver meets 100% customer satisfaction.


Knowledge, expertise, creativity, and communication.

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Unlock our creativity and expertise as we share with you our most innovative ideas, backed by thorough research and years of experience. Together, we'll bring your vision to life and create remarkable solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Irrigation and Lighting

Need, beauty, detail, and functionality.

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We ensure that your landscape meets all the requirements for water and lighting, adding those special details that enhance the aesthetics and ensure its longevity over time.

Indoor Plants & Vertical Gardens

Relaxation, sustainability, green space, design, plant-friendly.

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A single plant inside your home can transform your environment. Bring greenery to any indoor space with the use of plants or take it a step further by installing vertical gardens. That's where we come in. We are here to assist you in creating a refreshing and vibrant atmosphere.


Firmness, purpose, aesthetics, enjoyment of moments.

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Accessibility and well-designed patios ensure that the garden is functional, with all its spaces connected and effectively utilized for enjoyment. That's why we take care of selecting the perfect materials and placing them in the most suitable locations.


Turning your vision into reality: fun, exciting, and professional design with a keen sense of style.

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It is the part we enjoy the most, bringing each element of the design to life on-site. We carefully select and place the plants, meticulously executing every detail to transform the blueprint into a true work of art.


Responsibility, punctuality, love for detail, and plants.

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We strive to keep your garden in pristine condition, ensuring that it remains as stunning as the day it was installed. Our dedicated team works diligently to guarantee the ongoing beauty of your outdoor space.

City Permits

Benefiting from 8 years of professional experience, we’ve successfully obtained permits for over 100 projects in various cities, including Miami Dade, Coral Gables, Miami Beach, North Miami, Broward, Bal Harbour, etc. Our adept team ensures a smooth and compliant permitting process for your landscape project, adhering to the highest standards of professionalism and regulatory requirements.

Landscape Architecture Online Service

At our company, we have a team of landscaping design professionals ready to assist all our clients also remotely. We offer online design packages that cover a wide range of needs, from designing terraces and indoor plants to complete landscape designs. We even provide a special discount for comprehensive landscape design packages. We conduct virtual meetings through platforms like Zoom and maintain direct communication with our clients until the final design is completed. This allows us to provide personalized service and efficiently meet our clients’ expectations in a convenient manner. Example of Parametrika project

Our Work

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Who is behind Parametrika?

Gabriela Albornoz is a landscape designer with nine years of experience specializing in luxury landscape design in Miami, Key Biscayne, the Florida Keys, Fort Lauderdale, and Palm Beach. With a strong foundation built by working with renowned companies for over seven years, she has honed her skills and acquired a wealth of resources. Gabriela's work is characterized by authenticity, originality, and limitless creativity. Inspired by her passion for turning dreams into reality, she has embarked on the journey of establishing her own company. Gabriela and her team are well-prepared to bring your vision of a dream landscape to life.

Our working style?

At our company, we prioritize punctuality and meeting delivery dates and deadlines. We understand the importance of responsibility, accessibility, and uniqueness in every project we undertake. Our commitment to these values ensures that we consistently deliver exceptional results.

What’s our style?

Our expertise allows us to create diverse types of gardens tailored to match our clients' tastes and architectural preferences. Whether it's a European-style garden, Mediterranean oasis, tropical paradise, or an exotic retreat, we have the knowledge and skill to bring your desired aesthetic to life. Let us transform your vision into a stunning reality.

Where do we work?

We operate throughout Florida, providing our landscape design services. Additionally, we have a vision to expand globally, taking our dreams and expertise to new horizons. We are excited about the opportunity to collaborate on projects in different locations and cultures, and share our creative approach with people around the world.


We understand that each client has different budget constraints and timelines. Therefore, we pride ourselves on offering flexible services that can be tailored to fit your specific needs. While accommodating different budget requirements, we remain dedicated to upholding our core values of creativity, quality, originality, and responsibility. Our goal is to provide customized solutions that align with your vision and preferences, without compromising on the principles that define our work. Whether you have a large-scale project or a smaller endeavor, we are committed to delivering exceptional results that showcase our commitment to excellence and ensure your utmost satisfaction.

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