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Gabriela graduated six years ago as an architect and has had over 4 years of experience with luxury landscape design in Miami under the guidance of several iconic companies. She decided to open her own company gathering all the resources she has gained from her experience and creativity and now, she is more than ready to make your dream landscape come true!
The meaning of parametrika comes from a design plan under a process based on algorithms and organic forms that manipulate the concept of natural spaces and innovation under digital parameters, thereby achieving a unique and balanced combination for every garden that will allow us to immerse ourselves in a truly harmonious space.
In addition to bringing quality and beauty to your home, is important to remember that our house is our place to find peace, if we integrate this idea with nature and its power to transmit calm and the opportunity to get fresh air, it only gives us a long list of benefits that will turn Parametrika in your best ally to take advantage of every space and create an architecturally natural result.
We work with punctual delivery dates and deadlines. Responsibility, accessibility, and uniqueness are our priorities with each of our projects.

Can't find your question? Our team will be happy to help you

Can't find your question? Our team will be happy to help you​

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