What’s your ideal landscape style?

What’s your ideal landscape style?

Landscape design is more than a profession, it’s an art.

Outdoor design is used to satisfy particular desires and make the dreams of each client come true.

Nowadays, many elements can give different personalities to each space, and from those, different styles that define the essence of the project arise to help the designer assign and come up with the main characteristics of your garden.

For all of this, details are key; it’s important to carefully select every element and create balanced and functional spaces through the harmony that is formed between each one of them.

From English gardens and oriental landscapes to wooded, formal, and informal landscapes, there’s a style for everyone!

The English gardens, just like oriental landscapes, include many shrubs and evergreen plants, however, oriental designs create different perspectives through trees and other elements such as rocks and water.

On the other hand, formal gardens use symmetrical patterns, straight lines and geometric shapes to create sober and modern views.

Unlike the last three, where order is the dominant feature, the wooded and informal landscapes emphasize the beauty of nature’s constant growth, giving them a more relaxed look that requires little maintenance. In these cases, the elements seem to be arranged randomly but find their beauty in the combination of various patterns.

If you are thinking of complementing the design of your home with a beautiful garden, the first step is to define the style that you best identify with, but don’t worry! Parametrika’s team is here to guide you.

Gabriela Albornoz