What’s a landscape architect’s job?

What’s a landscape architect’s job?

Landscape architecture focuses on the design of sustainable environments, where users’ comfort and well-being are the most important and starting points of design.

Thinking about this kind of environment requires a sum of techniques that work together to use existing elements for the benefit of its users. From the design of a square or a playground to your garden at home, landscape design aims to create both beauty and functionality.

Nowadays, landscape architects are designers of both natural and urban spaces and their work is based on the analysis of the natural and social processes of a given space, all to provide each client or community with what they want, but above all, with what they need.

Their job covers the analysis, planning, design, and management of various types of spaces.

Landscape design is more than just a profession, it is determined by the passion and talent to create spaces that transmit harmony and allow people to have a better quality of life.

The environment in which societies function is influenced by the elements that form it, which is why -although for some this aspect could be almost unnoticeable- this profession can influence our mood and our daily performance.

A landscape architect generally works hand in hand with engineers, topographers, community planners, biologists, agrologists, and even foresters, all of whom are involved with the care, projection and enhancement of nature and its components.

The profession of an outdoor architect is not just about making a space look good, it is about making it functional and sustainable.

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