What -exactly- is landscape design?

What -exactly- is landscape design?

Landscape design is a field in architecture that has shaped the most beautiful spaces throughout the last decades. It includes everything related to planning, layout, and construction of gardens with the aim of enhancing the beauty of outdoor spaces, but its goal goes far beyond just that.

Through the use of hardscape (non-living) and softscape (living) elements, sensorial experiences are created to improve the well-being and quality of life of the ones who enjoy it.

Unity, balance, proportion, and transition are very important concepts, especially when talking about achieving beautiful spaces. Landscape design is also considered an art in which the synergy of all these principles plays a key role.

An exterior design thoughtfully made under specific processes and guidelines can only result in areas that are not only beautiful but also functional. Based on careful planning and a design tailored to the needs of each client and the criteria of landscape professionals, functional, safe, and harmonious spaces are created.

In addition to all of this, nowadays the existence of relaxing spaces in which people can connect with nature is undeniably important. These spaces work as a therapy to reduce the stress levels and anxiety that a hectic lifestyle usually causes.

Today, landscape design has allowed us to obtain enjoyable spaces where diverse elements converge to improve your quality of life in every sense, and we can’t wait to bring it to your home!

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