Our principles

Our principles

Every landscape composition is born from the need to create visual balance.

This balance is achieved through the application of basic principles while designing. Unity, balance, contrast, harmony, colors, lines, transitions, proportions and repetitions are all parameters that will guide the distribution of elements in order to create spaces based on different styles.

Unity refers to the continuity and coherence that is achieved through similar elements, all under the objective of creating a concept or common theme that covers all elements of the design.

Unity complements balance; this brings the sense of parity within the space and whether it’s symmetrical or asymmetrical, the main idea is always to achieve a sense of proportion with the perceived elements.

Within the selection and distribution process, contrast seeks to highlight certain elements within the design, while harmony makes them look unified. At this point, color plays a fundamental role since it gives life and dimension to the composition.

All of them work in accordance with transition, which simply refers to the gradual change between sizes, proportions, and colors. On the other hand, lines have the function of creating illusions of depth or distance while the proportion plays with the size of elements to provide harmony.

Finally, the last principle refers to the need to seek balance through a moderate repetition of the components.

By properly applying these principles we can create visually beautiful and balanced spaces, where all elements come together to achieve harmony, functionality and beauty all at the same time.

Gabriela Albornoz