Get your dream garden in 4 steps!

Get your dream garden in 4 steps!

The first step to make your dream garden come true is to know exactly what your expectations are and what would you want to obtain from your landscape design; how do you visualize the space? what style and what colors does it have? What plants can be included? or how is the climate of the area you live in?

These are the questions to consider when starting a landscape design project. But let’s go ahead and start with the 4 easy-to-follow steps

Step #1: To obtain the answers to the previous questions, it’s mandatory to have an appointment with a landscape design professional in order to evaluate your needs, interests and preferences.

Step #2: A visit to the area destined for the project it’s always recommended. After observing how much space we have and knowing the expectations you have for it, it’s time to start thinking about a budget.

Thanks to the magic of the internet, this step is also possible through our online service! Ask us how.

Step #3: After the visit, the planning process begins. This step is where the initial sketches and plans are drawn up and ideas begin to take shape.

This stage usually includes scale plans or conceptual plans, which describe the characteristics and conditions of each space.

Once these ideas are discussed and approved by the client, the process continues and takes us to the next step: Installation.

Step #4: The installation process is supervised by the architect and other landscape professionals, monitoring the set standards is essential to obtain expected results.

After this stage, maintenance plays a key role in the durability and long-term functionality of your garden, which depends (almost completely) on the good care of its elements.

It will always be a good idea to hire a landscape architect who is able make the dream project of each client come true

Finally, our work will be focused on achieving coherence between the existing elements, the project ambitions and the necessary knowledge to carry it out.

…..and that’s all it takes!
Get in touch with us now and let’s start working on your perfect landscape design!

Gabriela Albornoz