5 essential elements you need in landscape design

5 essential elements you need in landscape design

For some, these elements could seem invisible to the eye, however, they play a fundamental role when it comes to landscape design.

Each of them brings visual balance to the design of your front, back, and side-yards. From these elements, all processes of landscape design begin, they are the starting point that will allow the designer to find -along with the client- the ideal results.

Colors, lines, textures, shapes, and scales are the elements of landscape design on which the most beautiful spaces are created.

Color brings life to landscapes, whether in plants or materials such as pavement, walls or fences, adding dimension and value
Lines are crucial when thinking about how smooth the design will be, and it’s also very important when it comes to choosing a specific style.

Textures are the delicacy or roughness, the heaviness or lightness of a particular plant and design. It creates dynamism through the combination of flowers, leaves, bark, and branches.

Shapes, as well as the line, will depend on the style and concept assigned to each project

Lastly, the scale refers to the balance among the size of each element of the garden and its surrounding spaces.

The design of a garden will depend on the different purposes under which it’s projected, and it is through the elements of landscape design that we manage to make plans and bring them to life.

Without a doubt, the combination between color, line, texture, form and scale achieve the desired results in every way.

Gabriela Albornoz